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She's a fiddle player, is obsessed with tropical plants and most importantly loves dogs. 

Emily has had a dog beside her since before she learned to walk. Volunteering with the Akita Rescue of North Florida and boarding facilities by the age of 10, she's gotten hands on experience from day one. Born in Texas & raised in north Florida, Emily moved back to Texas in 2014 where she met Nick.


Originally from New Jersey, Nick has spent time all over the U.S. including a few years in Hawaii. He has great love & knowledge of plants, trees and flowers. He moved to Texas in 2014, and within a few months ran into a girl with a dog living at the same apartment complex. Before long, Emily & Nick were running Wag N Heel and raising chickens in South Austin together. 


Emily adopted Spider (FKA Montel) when she first moved to Austin in 2014 from Austin Humane Society when he was 6 months old. After a painstaking battle with mange, his skin and coat came back 100%. From day one he has shown that he has an exceptionally loving and caring personality. He's able to bring the shyest pups out of their shell and even get along with dogs that have reactive tendencies and don't get to have many dog friends. 


Nick adopted Ladybird (FKA Madeline) from Austin Pets Alive! in 2016 when she was 8 weeks old. She has had a spunky, explorative and independent personality from day one. Growing up with a constant flow of new friends big & small and her big brother to show her the ropes, she's had an incredible amount of socialization. She loves face pets and food more than anything else.




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