Dog Care services

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Overnight Care at Wag N Heel

Let your dog enjoy themselves and your mind rest easy while you're away. Dogs that stay overnight at the ranch are encouraged to make themselves right at home. If your dog sleeps in a crate at night, they will stay in crate here. If they prefer the couch in an open living room or their own private room, thats where they'll stay. Dogs aren't stuck to a strict play time schedule and are allowed in and out as they wish with the exception of hot weather breaks and limited outings between 11pm and 5 am. All dogs are separated for feeding time and as needed throughout the day. Safety is our top priority with fun being a close second!

Boarding Pricing:

Single Dog Overnight  $45/night*

Additional Dogs    $ 25/night*

*Surcharge of $10 for unaltered dogs & puppies under 6 months

*Holiday Surcharge of $20 (applied November 20th-30th & December 20th - January 2nd   

Pick up/drop off hours at the ranch are from 7:30am-9am and 4:30pm-6:00pm. If you have needs outside of these hours please contact us to see if we can accommodate. Transport is available for boarding.

What you need to provide for boarding:
-Food (feel free to bring it in portions or the whole bag/container). We accept all forms of feeding including raw.

-Any Medication your dog needs during the stay.


-Something that smells like home (This could be their bed, crate, a blanket, towel, whatever it is it always helps a dog feel more at home in a new environment)*

-ALL toys will be considered a donation. We cannot guarantee they will come home in one piece. That being said, they are absolutely welcome!

-Latest Vet Records with proof of vaccination can be sent to (We highly recommend Bordatella (Kennel Cough) vaccine in addition to their base vaccines)

*please do not bring anything you must have come home in one piece. In a house full of dogs there is always a chance something could get ripped or chewed.


A Day at Wag N Heel

Need to tire your pup out? Wish your dog could sunbathe and hang out in good company while you're away for the day? Working from home but don't have time for a game of fetch? Daycare is a great option for many dogs, for many reasons! We have the space and ability to make everyone comfortable. While some dogs want to chase toys all day, others want to sit back and enjoy the weather, while others want to be on the couch! Whatever your dogs favorite way to spend the day is, we can provide it at Wag N Heel.

Play group sizes change depending on the dogs we have day to day. We have the space and ability to build packs that suit each guest dog. With multiple dog yards and plenty of space inside, we build packs that work. Not based on size, age or breed but on individual play style, demeanor and interactions.

Daycare Pricing:

*Transport is subject to availability and additional charges depending on distance.


Single Day             $25

10 Day Package     $220

20 Day Package     $400

Single Day + Transport  $35

10 Day + Transport       $300

20 Day + Transport      $550 

Pick up rounds are approximately 7:45am - 10:00am M-F. Drop off rounds are approximately 4:45- 7:00pm M-F.

We require that we have a safe way to enter the home and retrieve your pup for pick up & safely return them at drop off whether you will be home or not. This ensures that our transport is efficient and dogs spend less time on the bus, and more time at the ranch.

What you need to provide for daycare:


-Food (if they will be staying during a time they normally have a meal or if they do not eat their breakfast)

-Latest Vet Records with proof of vaccination can be sent to (We highly recommend Bordatella (Kennel Cough) vaccine in addition to their base vaccines)

*dogs under 4 months or those who have not been vaccinated will not be allowed in group play.

Baths & nail trims can be done during a daycare or boarding session.

*If your dog is not easy during a nail trim/bath we will try our best but do not guarantee the job can be completed

**may not be available on high volume days.

  Bath               Nail Trim